Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I've got an announcement for you this month - we will be closing down the AQR project in 2014. Because of this, I'm sorry, but we are unable to accept any more stories.
I will also not be choosing a story of the month in 2014 and this blog will also go too sometime in 2014.
However, I may set one up later, under a different name - not sharonataquickread.
We've decided to close the AQR project down for several reasons, the first one is that the website is costing us just over £50 a year.
That might not be a lot, but we are only a husband and wife team running the project as a hobby from home.
As we don't charge readers or writers, we don't make a profit. Despite our very best efforts, we haven't been able to attract advertising either, on the website or on the app, so the money we are forking out for a website could go on our household bills instead!
We could get a free website, but when we started the project in 2012, we wanted the site to look good, without adverts popping up all the time!
We feel that two years is a long enough time for the project to progress, but it hasn't.
Keith wants to focus on other projects - mainly android apps, and I too, need to focus on my writing.
I already blog on a voluntary basis for Mature Times so doing that, plus keeping up with my online writing circle, writing stories, poems and plays, and this too – it's a bit much!
I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a great time!
My next blog post will be in January 2014.
Don't forget to check out my website, which I will be keeping – www.sbee.orgfree.com